20 year old bacon fanatic studying Interaction Design. I have a skill set of Illustration, creativity and design .


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Hey there! My name is Hayley Mcilwrath, I am currently studying Interaction Design at the Belfast School of Art. I am seeking placement starting Summer 2016. I have a passion for movies, drinking tea and of course design. I love grabbing images and Taking images when and where I can, images last forever. Creativity is key to me and being unique is what I love, why follow the crowd? That’s just boring.

I see my future doing the things I love; designing, being creative and broadening my skills in branding. I love challenging myself and keeping up with the constant changing trends of this industry. For more insight into the life of Hayley Mcilwrath check out my Instagram for images of food, illustrations, maybe some photography, but most likely more food! Send me an email or take a look at my CV and lets get collaborating!


Below are a selection of projects I have produced for my degree. I gained valuable skills while creating these pieces and hope that it shows through my work. Take a peek!