Hello, I'm Hayley Mcilwrath

but you can call me hayls!


My name is Hayley McIlwrath and I am a final year student studying Interaction Design at Ulster University. I am due to graduate in July 2018. Im open to any full time digital design opportunities.

I really enjoy designing for screen whether it be UI/UX or digital design. I love watching my designs come to life on screen from designing them on paper. I am passionate about illustration and I enjoy using my skills to improve a users experience through my visually pleasing illustrations and concepts.

What I can do...


I like to design colourful, simple unique illustrations. I can design for all mediums, and I feel I have a skill set of adjusting my design to fit it’s brief.

UI & UX Design

I like to include my love for illustration in my UI designs to make them more visually appealing and give the user an overall satisfactory experience.

Narrative & Storytelling

Not only when I’m designing do I want it to look athletically pleasing but I want my design to tell a story and have a beautiful flow to it.